Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing pains and merry occasions

I think I must've reached the Exile equivalent to puberty. The other day I slaughtered a Large Vermin, and today an Orga! If this trend continues I might have to rename my scroll to.. FeralFury? OrgaOrgy?
I am still training dutifully, but due to an early infatuation with Atkus and Swengus my Hista knowledge is still lagging.

Of other noteworthy occasions - I had my very first Tuborn lesson! Such wonders the Bards do. I hope to be counted among their ranks one day!

An old friend from other hunting grounds have been Exiled! I'm sad for her demise, but selfishly happy for her company. Puddlebeans, take care, she's a natural born stabber!
(Of course she falls like a pro already.)

During the same sight-seeing excursion another piece of news was revealed - it seems our little community can look foreward to the pitter patter of little paws! Cammie insists she's not gonna be an OctoFen. We'll see. Let's just say we can all hope they'll look like their momma!

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