Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick update.. (Clan p0rtrait by Fishylish!)

Busy busy busy. Both in the library reading up, and in Puddleby and it's surroundings.
So, just a few words, to make sure there's no doubt I'm still the fiercest fighter fen!

First, some devastating news.
Nuniel is missing, presumed dead :(
Someone who apparently knew her left a note in our clubhouse, stating she requested to be buried somewhere pretty, if her remains washed up.
I have reported the case to the local Law enforcement agency, but we've not had word from them yet.

Secondly, we finally have a beautiful Clan Portrait! I am stunned by Fishylish' work here, and especially grateful how she captured me in my most favourite activity; conquering the Slug God and forcing him to submission by using him as a steed.

Or see the glorious clan portrait here.

Oh and in happy news, I've FINALLY managed to find someone who sold me a new lycky Sylvans foot. I hit better an faster than ever!

And just for TRAP: The renegade Mystic called Wangah Rah abducted our Glorious King, among other atrocities. If we don't react no young Exile will walk safely in the thoroughfares of P'by, so we consider ourselves in war.
Please visit Teh Clubhouse for further instruction.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing pains and merry occasions

I think I must've reached the Exile equivalent to puberty. The other day I slaughtered a Large Vermin, and today an Orga! If this trend continues I might have to rename my scroll to.. FeralFury? OrgaOrgy?
I am still training dutifully, but due to an early infatuation with Atkus and Swengus my Hista knowledge is still lagging.

Of other noteworthy occasions - I had my very first Tuborn lesson! Such wonders the Bards do. I hope to be counted among their ranks one day!

An old friend from other hunting grounds have been Exiled! I'm sad for her demise, but selfishly happy for her company. Puddlebeans, take care, she's a natural born stabber!
(Of course she falls like a pro already.)

During the same sight-seeing excursion another piece of news was revealed - it seems our little community can look foreward to the pitter patter of little paws! Cammie insists she's not gonna be an OctoFen. We'll see. Let's just say we can all hope they'll look like their momma!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get yer fuzzies!

Whoah check out Aryton, handsome Fen; and what fashion sense!

Also note I provide hugs with my sword drawn. Beware :D

Some TRAP news

Iriel gets rejected

Serves me right for hitting on a Zo..

Sneak preview and roleplay gone bad

Always looking for excitement the three adventurers Trowl, Ackkbar and myself were thrilled to no end to accidentally crash teh dress rehearsal of The Puddleby Players' upcoming performance The Wizard of uh, Simpleton(?)

We watched as the esteemed actors Pun'isher and Measle did an act, and I have to say, this is one production not to be missed! The costumes! The lines! The beer! I was moved to tears, and I hereby implore all Exiles to catch these immortal talents do their thing. Salazar and Fishylish are in the play too, and we all know their awesomeness hath no end.

In their own words:
Puddleby Players will shortly stage their most ambitious play yet on Tuesday June 2nd at 7pm PST. It has the largest cast ever assembled and has some gimmicks that will astound anyone lucky enough to be in the audience.
(Pictures and updates here!)

Alright. so we were right there, with all those cool costumes. We HAD to try some out. It went terribly wrong...

Trowl got a chance to reveal his true self, which shud come as no big surprise.

And then the roleplaying got a bit out of hand so to say.

But beastiality turned out to have some surprise benefits; who knew!

I should add, Pun'isher tried to sell "hot Bunny on Spriggin action" for 5 coins. I'm surprised we didn't get run down!

TRAPping in C minor

Oh dear, my self portrait made it to center fold over at! I knew I shudda shown more leg :/ Speaking of; Nuniel is the cover of the current issue - not shabby for a Sylvan!
After hearing about the concept of Flashfried Thoom ("Crispy on the outside, screaming on the inside" I believe was how Ackkbar described the phenomena) I'm all about Thoom though. Can't wait to sink my fangs into some.

There are some new Exiles around - even newer than myself I mean - which is very exciting, I hope they'll stick around.

Training wise - it goes as good as can be expected; I rounded 100 Atkus lessons a while back and am currently checking for the 150 mark - that and 100 with Histia is eagerly awaited. I hope I'm not a disappointment to my teacher, Natas; he looks pretty fierce.

Oh, good news! It seems a Shiny Dagger might be within reach!
I have gotten a commission for a Very Important Portrait, and if I manage to pull that off, my tagging will be sensational. Word is the dagger in question is lycky, even! Wow. I'm really excited about this, but sceptical of my portraiting skillz; wee shall see. (A veteran of the lands told me a Shiny would be a waste of money, but I do tag SO much better when I borrow one, and I'm sure I can pawn it off on some healer when I grow out of it.)
If it falls thru I'll be shopping for ores; 1 iron, 1 tin and 1 gold - plus whatever is needed to fix a dented shield I'm lycky enough to borrow (I think). Prince Valiant lost an iron ore on his way to the library the other day, but a kind dorf needed it for his armour. I think those little guys need whatever protection they can get; not their fault they're not Fen.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Slug Gods have heard me!

These sketches are from yesterday. I am excited to say there were an abundance of Giant Slugs north of town today as well! I shall make sackrifices to the great gods of Gorblblbl.

I thought the Slugs did some kind of fire trick, but now I'm thinking maybe some by-passers put *them* on fire. So much to learn...


Orga Invasion

Last zodiak a horde of killer Orgas invaded Puddleby. As seen here yours truly saved the town by a daring diversion. (Don't listen to others who might have a different view of the event.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First trip to the Savannah


I keep getting lost and finding myself surrounded by badness in Tanglewood. This needs to stop.

It's a...


I've had the honour to join the elitest clan in the Lands, Trap. Good times.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well. I've hardly been thrown off the dogforsaken boat, and I'm stumbling around like a newborn kitten. Most undignified. My old skills seem to have wasted away in the transition, or even worse, the Emperor's sorcerers stripped me down during the interrogations; that dark time is but a foggy memory. Bastet have mercy...

Furthermore, this island (or, I've been informed, *group* of islands, rather) is terribly confusing. The terrain is nothing like I've navigated before, and exploring is perilous.

I was merely wandering off to get an impression of the topography, when a group of small but vicious vermin wore me down and left me to rot behind an old, annoying Fisherman's house. Unfortunately my senses are muddled by the recent tumults; I am far from being my old agile self, so when concerned compatriots tried to help I clumsily managed to send them in the wrong direction. Thank Bastet I wasted nothing but their time, as if that's not bad enough.

So. These fellow Exiles. They seem suspiciously friendly. Mostly. Maybe it's the effect of being confined in such a relatively small area that has actually produced a genuine sense of fellowship. Dog knows we were all fighting the same enemy wherever we were. Maybe that's why.
Having been fighting by myself for so long, these Exiles are quite foreign to me, but I try to adapt to their ways, and I find myself enjoying my Exile, surprisingly enough. As it turns out, the more experienced Fighters, as well as those with knowledge in the arts of Healing (yes, they can resurrect, and they don't even seem like those dark Necromancers I once dedicated many moons to assassinate) are eager to offer their help.

A number of Exiles helped me train for a long time today, and one even took me to get a shield, which is very useful to have, obviously. I was particularly pleased to see the Zo warrioress again, she seems a good example on making the most of this stay. A few Exiles I recognize from short clandestine meetings before my capture, I am grateful to say they are sharing generously of their time and resources, and I try by whatever means available to repay their kindness.

The Town of Puddleby had a harsh invasion today too. The marauders were obviously way out of my league, I saw experienced veterans fall left and right, but I had to see for myself what was going on. Thinking I could sidestep the foes I got viciously slain and several Healers spent much too long on resurrecting my singed fur.

Still.. I find myself exhilarated by the action, and I look forward to the day I can put a good scratch in the soft belly - or brittle bones - of some of these new adversaries.

All in all, it's been some interesting weeks, and I'm getting stronger. I think it will not be too long until I have a better understanding of the odd geography of these islands, and the ways and customs of the Exiles. Bastet willing I haven't delivered my last blow against the so called Ascendancy yet.