Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well. I've hardly been thrown off the dogforsaken boat, and I'm stumbling around like a newborn kitten. Most undignified. My old skills seem to have wasted away in the transition, or even worse, the Emperor's sorcerers stripped me down during the interrogations; that dark time is but a foggy memory. Bastet have mercy...

Furthermore, this island (or, I've been informed, *group* of islands, rather) is terribly confusing. The terrain is nothing like I've navigated before, and exploring is perilous.

I was merely wandering off to get an impression of the topography, when a group of small but vicious vermin wore me down and left me to rot behind an old, annoying Fisherman's house. Unfortunately my senses are muddled by the recent tumults; I am far from being my old agile self, so when concerned compatriots tried to help I clumsily managed to send them in the wrong direction. Thank Bastet I wasted nothing but their time, as if that's not bad enough.

So. These fellow Exiles. They seem suspiciously friendly. Mostly. Maybe it's the effect of being confined in such a relatively small area that has actually produced a genuine sense of fellowship. Dog knows we were all fighting the same enemy wherever we were. Maybe that's why.
Having been fighting by myself for so long, these Exiles are quite foreign to me, but I try to adapt to their ways, and I find myself enjoying my Exile, surprisingly enough. As it turns out, the more experienced Fighters, as well as those with knowledge in the arts of Healing (yes, they can resurrect, and they don't even seem like those dark Necromancers I once dedicated many moons to assassinate) are eager to offer their help.

A number of Exiles helped me train for a long time today, and one even took me to get a shield, which is very useful to have, obviously. I was particularly pleased to see the Zo warrioress again, she seems a good example on making the most of this stay. A few Exiles I recognize from short clandestine meetings before my capture, I am grateful to say they are sharing generously of their time and resources, and I try by whatever means available to repay their kindness.

The Town of Puddleby had a harsh invasion today too. The marauders were obviously way out of my league, I saw experienced veterans fall left and right, but I had to see for myself what was going on. Thinking I could sidestep the foes I got viciously slain and several Healers spent much too long on resurrecting my singed fur.

Still.. I find myself exhilarated by the action, and I look forward to the day I can put a good scratch in the soft belly - or brittle bones - of some of these new adversaries.

All in all, it's been some interesting weeks, and I'm getting stronger. I think it will not be too long until I have a better understanding of the odd geography of these islands, and the ways and customs of the Exiles. Bastet willing I haven't delivered my last blow against the so called Ascendancy yet.