Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick update.. (Clan p0rtrait by Fishylish!)

Busy busy busy. Both in the library reading up, and in Puddleby and it's surroundings.
So, just a few words, to make sure there's no doubt I'm still the fiercest fighter fen!

First, some devastating news.
Nuniel is missing, presumed dead :(
Someone who apparently knew her left a note in our clubhouse, stating she requested to be buried somewhere pretty, if her remains washed up.
I have reported the case to the local Law enforcement agency, but we've not had word from them yet.

Secondly, we finally have a beautiful Clan Portrait! I am stunned by Fishylish' work here, and especially grateful how she captured me in my most favourite activity; conquering the Slug God and forcing him to submission by using him as a steed.

Or see the glorious clan portrait here.

Oh and in happy news, I've FINALLY managed to find someone who sold me a new lycky Sylvans foot. I hit better an faster than ever!

And just for TRAP: The renegade Mystic called Wangah Rah abducted our Glorious King, among other atrocities. If we don't react no young Exile will walk safely in the thoroughfares of P'by, so we consider ourselves in war.
Please visit Teh Clubhouse for further instruction.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing pains and merry occasions

I think I must've reached the Exile equivalent to puberty. The other day I slaughtered a Large Vermin, and today an Orga! If this trend continues I might have to rename my scroll to.. FeralFury? OrgaOrgy?
I am still training dutifully, but due to an early infatuation with Atkus and Swengus my Hista knowledge is still lagging.

Of other noteworthy occasions - I had my very first Tuborn lesson! Such wonders the Bards do. I hope to be counted among their ranks one day!

An old friend from other hunting grounds have been Exiled! I'm sad for her demise, but selfishly happy for her company. Puddlebeans, take care, she's a natural born stabber!
(Of course she falls like a pro already.)

During the same sight-seeing excursion another piece of news was revealed - it seems our little community can look foreward to the pitter patter of little paws! Cammie insists she's not gonna be an OctoFen. We'll see. Let's just say we can all hope they'll look like their momma!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get yer fuzzies!

Whoah check out Aryton, handsome Fen; and what fashion sense!

Also note I provide hugs with my sword drawn. Beware :D

Some TRAP news

Iriel gets rejected

Serves me right for hitting on a Zo..